Puppy Happy Hour Adoption
04 Aug 03:00 PM
Until 04 Aug, 06:00 PM 3h

Puppy Happy Hour Adoption

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Puppy Happy Hour 3-6pm – Come fall in love with some adorable puppies that are looking for forever homes! We will have a raffle and beautiful artisan crafts for sale (to help cover medical/spay/neutering costs), FREE Hot Dogs while supplies last, great Happy Hour specials and lots of puppy kisses!
Live music 5pm to ? – Scott McConachie and Denzl Keenan playing all kinds of rock and pop classics.
Let’s meet the puppies!
First up, this is Tank, one of a litter of 5, who will be ready to go on August 8th. This litter was born with and raised by the most thorough Foster Mom who will not let these pups go until they’ve gotten ALL of their crucial vaccinations. They will be ready for their spay/neuters at the August clinic, and paid certificates will be furnished to each adopter. Tank got his name simply because he is the biggest, and will be a good sized pup. Tank is the most inquisitive of the bunch, he must get answers!!
Next up is the 2nd large male puppy. Not quite as big as Tank, but he’ll be a good size as well. This guy is the fearless leader and adventure seeker. With his beautiful markings, he’s quite the looker with a beautiful white chest and 4 white tipped paws looking like that perfect french pawdicure!
The group picture features the short legged members of this family. Pink collar is the sweet and submissive female is the group, with a white chest and 4 barely painted white tips of her feet. She will really miss her chocolate brown sister (also pictured) who is lucky enough to already have a forever home in Bocas.
The final pup in this litter is green collar, who hangs back just a little as our shy short legged male. He grew tired of his pawdicure, and only got 3 of his 4 toes painted, but has that beautiful white chest like the others.
And then we have Snoopy, and not too much is known about him, except he is around 6 months old. He and another dog were hit on the highway. Snoopy is recovered, however, his companion did not make it. Snoopy is a chill pup, but also likes to play and gives wonderful kisses (or so I’ve heard😉).