Beyond Ballroom Basics

Beyond Ballroom Basics
17 Jun 01:00 PM
Until 17 Jun, 04:00 PM 3h

Beyond Ballroom Basics

The Studio at The Haven

A Comprehensive Ballroom Dance Workshop for Couples


CruzDancerz Sunny and Dave are offering their popular, signature program, “Beyond Ballroom Basics”.

You will learn the musicality, posture, hold, lead, steps, styling, and personal expression associated with the Rumba: "The Dance of Romance". The workshop will feature two 75-minute sessions separated by a restroom/water break. Students will develop a rich understanding of the dance and receive pro tips on couples' unspoken communication derived from the "leader and follower" roles of the partners.

Rumba is a dance for couples, and any two people can dance it. If you are single, bring along another single! One person will learn the leader role (typically danced by the male) and the other will learn the follower role (typically danced by the female), and you'll be good to go! Because we are focusing on couples' communication, couples will remain with their partner during the practice sessions.

CruzDancerz have two goals for their students: to learn something new about ballroom dance, and to have a good time doing it. By the end of this workshop you'll be able to navigate the dance floor with ease and have fun in the process!

Please note: socks are required for The Studio floor (no shoes allowed).

Minimum 5 couples / maximum 14 couples. Cash payment in advance to the Haven reception desk secures your space.

Sunny & Dave are professional ballroom dance instructors who have hosted more than 400 classes on cruise ships around the world. They recently completed their 111th voyage teaching for seven cruise lines over ten years. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience professional couples' dance instruction at The Haven.

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