Animales Setup and Volunteer Training

Animales Setup and Volunteer Training
25 Nov 09:45 AM

Animales Setup and Volunteer Training

Amigos de Animales Building


Saturday- Setup and Training

Clinic: The last Sunday of each month in January – October. No clinic in December.

Where: Animales building in Alto Boquete (across from Super Centro Ivan)

Register an Animal To Be Spayed or Neutered:

Contact Rosa by Whatsapp at 6563-8686 or


The Saturday before a clinic at 9 AM (volunteers are welcome to assist, but not many are needed)

To Volunteer: Email:


If you are a first-time volunteer, we highly recommend that you attend the Saturday training at the

Animales building (each month, the day before the clinic at 9:45 AM).

Recovery Volunteers:

Please let us know if you will come in the morning (8:30 – 1 pm), afternoon (12:30

until closing), or all day. Please also tell us if you’ll help with cats and small dogs or large dogs.

Other departments may have different time frames, please tell us which department you are interested

in and whether morning, afternoon, or all day fits your schedule.

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